With an ever-expanding product portfolio, we at Synergy focus on providing innovative solutions to improve patient diagnosis and treatment. Synergy has gained a significant foothold and has become one of the most trusted and reliable partner for pharmaceutical companies.We believe in unceasing innovative integrated business processes, we aid in market penetration and expansion by providing customized solutions and proven growth strategies to our partners.

We also provide easy access to multiple healthcare channels such as hospitals, private Clinics, Government Institutions, stockists, Retail outlets and more through our established network along with an array of distribution channels for high-value medical and diagnostic equipment and targeted treatment solutions.

Our partners’ (clients’) business transformation is paramount, not just at an entry level but bottom line sustainable global business growth with increased market shares, penetration and wider coverage at a higher efficacy, more cost-effective and reduced lead times.

We have a unique pharmaceutical portfolio of high-quality Critical Care products. We also deal in Medical and Diagnostic devices and equipments. Our current product portfolio includes Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Hepatitis related therapies and products. Our portfolio also includes Vaccines, Blood Plasma Products and Biosimilars. We believe that women and children’s Health is paramount in today’s society and are working diligently to improve women and children’s health in developing countries through our various seminars, workshops, social outreach programs and awareness campaigns.

Our services are not limited to distribution and promotion of goods but we highly take into account high-level medical and healthcare support as our top priority for better disease management. Based on our experience and knowledge from customer information gathered, we provide specialized strategic advice. Our business models ensure competitive advantage. This competitive advantage is further augmented by our broad in-house capabilities and network which results in enhanced productivity.



With a fast-growing middle class and several emerging markets, countries we operate in offer great opportunities for pharmaceutical companies. Synergy is a leading growth partner for pharmaceutical companies in developing Countries. Our experts provide a range of integrated Market Expansion Services across the entire value chain, ranging from registration through to marketing, promotion and distribution.

Our capillary network reaches more than 100,000 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, doctors and drugstores. Products are transported, stored and distributed efficiently thanks to our unmatched capacities and expertise in the region.

Our solid infrastructure and dedication to compliance and quality reduces business risks for our partners. Our teams work with clear measurements, activity-driven KPIs and standardized brand planning processes across the region. They are supported by regional Sales and Marketing Excellence along with Business Development teams, allowing us to replicate success across markets.

Headquartered in Singapore, we have a strong local healthcare presence in Africa, PAN India & South East Asia. Our areas of interest currently include Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Women and Children Health, Hepatitis, Osteoporosis along with blood plasma products, vaccines, and Biosimilars.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Headquartered in Singapore, SYNERGY is the leading growth partner for medical device companies in Africa, PAN India & South East Asia. Our experts provide customized Market Expansion Services that include marketing and sales, distribution, regulatory consulting and specialized services like consignment inventory management.

With our expert therapeutic knowledge and long-standing relationships, we provide unrivaled reach into various hospital environments, including operating theaters, day surgery clinics, outpatient surgery units, dental clinics and diagnostic laboratories. Our fast and efficient distribution service includes medical consumables, round-the-clock delivery of life-saving products, as well as after-sales services for capital expenditure equipment.

A compliant approach with all legal requirements ensures that the quality of the product is guaranteed throughout the value chain. Our areas of interest currently include ICU Solutions, Radiography, Radiotherapy as well as cardiological stents, pacemakers, implants etc.

Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic Equipment

We are one of the leading end-to-end service providers in the industry and are proud of our strong background and close ties within the industry. With offices in ten countries across three continents, we are proud to have a truly global footprint. Our remarkable network and organized operations are designed to provide durability and security to our clients.

Our expert knowledge in strategy development and inventory management provides a competitive advantage. We have developed closed ties over the years with the local business communities which aids us in providing quality solutions to our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of local markets and extensive distribution network provides a unique advantage and is one of our key success factors.

Our current areas of interest include molecular diagnostics, virology diagnostics, oncology diagnostics and laboratory diagnostics.